Job Opportunities
Hometown Trainers

We are a growing company interested in obtaining talented people whom like working one-on-one with the populace. We pay premium wage, but expect equivalent results.

The list of currently opened vacancies:
  • Dietitian / Nutritional Counselor.
  • Personal Trainer.
  • A 4 year degree from an accredited college or university is preferable, majoring in:
    • Exercise physiology, exercise science, physical education, or sports management,
    • Or certifications by the ACSM and NSCA are desirable.
  • Physical therapists and assistants and athletic trainers make a perfect personal trainer for a client who is interested in rehabilitating old or existing injuries.
  • A certified athletic trainer as a personal trainer can be particularly valuable for athletes who want to return to competition.

Specialized certifications are advantagous.
  • Certifications in Geriatrics or step-down programs from traditional hospital settings, such as:
    • A specialized certification in treating post-op cardiovascular patients
    • A certified strength and conditioning specialist would interest a client interested in improving sports performance
    • A personal trainer who is a bodybuilder could support a client who wants to compete in a bodybuilding contest
    • A trainer who also has a background in nutrition

Come to us! It's invigoratiing!

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call: 1-800-HOMETOWN